While our team was away competing at the CanWest Games, Dangers was busy completing his CrossFit Level 1 certificate.  For those of you who have attended his Strongman classes, you already know he is a capable coach so we’re thrilled that he now has official credentials.

At Empower we’re excited to provide opportunities for members with a passion for coaching to build fun programs like Shades’ Athletics or Danger’s & Super Mario’s Strongman classes.

And we have always been very big on education.  Not only do we have more Professors, PhDs and MDs than any other CrossFit gym, more than 10% of our members are CrossFit certified Level 1 trainers.  This means that in any given group class, we have a few extra people qualified to help out as needed.  Here’s our current roster:

Level 3
WOD Father

Level 2
The Touch

Level 1
Big Cat
Super Mario
The Truth
The Nuke

And Boomer & Blue have both attended the CrossFit Level 1 (though they have not kept their certificates current) and Mr. Fantastic is wait listed for the CrossFit Level 1 for MDs.

In addition to certified trainers, we have a lot of veteran CrossFitters including several with 10+ years experience and a wealth of knowledge, as well as many members with a background in fitness and sports science.  It creates a community of continuous learning.

Because I believe strongly in education and because I so strongly believe that you will benefit from completing the CrossFit Level 1 course, I hope that you will consider attending one day as well!

Congratulations Dangers and welcome to the CrossFit Empower Coaching Team!