You’ve got to hand it to Vancouverites.  I was comparing notes over the phone today with my friend in Ontario which is now largely shut down.  While their junk food isles are empty, it’s our frozen fruit and vegetable sections and fitness equipment stores that have been laid bare.  Where they’ve had fistfights over toilet paper, we’re still smiling at each other and remembering our manners.  Traffic is lighter to be sure but as Sunghee and I explored the parks for great workout venues we saw runners and bikers and walkers galore.  Mid-afternoon on a Tuesday and instead of working people were outside getting fresh air, sunlight and exercise and in that moment I was touched by a reassuring ray of optimism.  We’re going to be okay Vancouver.  COVID is coming and it’s going to be a bumpy ride but you’re eating healthy, staying away from crowds and getting exercise in nature, you are going to survive!

Mufasa sent me a Spartan Race article listing the 5 things healthy people do everyday.  I’m sharing it because it’s a good list:
1) They work out in all weather
(no excuses to not work out like “It’s too COVID outside, I’m just going to stay in and watch Netflix and eat bonbons.”)
2) They schedule sleep
3) They eat right
4) They stretch
(warm up & cool down)
5) They scare themselves (they get outside their comfort zone and challenge themselves)

Tomorrow’s CrossFit HQ WOD posed a bit of a challenge.  The pace row-deadlift is a tough WOD to do at home if you don’t have a rower and barbell so for those of you lacking those key pieces of equipment, we’ve modified the workout and here’s what we’ll be doing instead:

Equipment Required:
1. Kettle Bell or Kettle Bell substitute: Backpack, duffel bag, suitcase packed as heavy as you like (do not pack it with breakable items!)
2. A yard, field, schoolyard, park (we’ll be using a tennis court)

Warm Up
Jog the perimeter of your yard/field/tennis court stopping once every circuit to do 10 backpack swings (chest high like a Russian Kettle Bell swing)
1st circuit: light jog
2nd circuit: high knees
3rd circuit: heals to butt
4th circuit: skipping

Review the Sumo Deadlift High Pull
No try 15 with your Kettle Bell substitute

15 min AMRAP
*Shuttle Sprint across yard/field/court and back

*If you cannot sprint, bear crawl a shorter distance, row or bike sprint if you have the tools, or do 7 quick burpees or 30 DU’s if you’re trapped indoors

Cool Down
Calf Stretch
Dragon Pose/Pigeon Pose
Hip Cross Overs
Downward Dog
Child’s Pose

Remember, location info will be emailed to members registered for class by 7pm the night before the workout.  Family welcome, no fee, no experience required, no registration required as long as they attend with a paying Empower member who is registered and responsible for them.

Question of the day: Some people will use any excuse to avoid training.  Are you the type of person to let circumstances outside your control interfere with your fitness goals or are the get-it-done-no-matter-what type?  If you’re the first kind, like I once was, what’s stopping you from becoming the second type?