This stuff is hard.  I don’t care who you are.  I’ve seen Olympians humbled by CrossFit.  Watch the CrossFit Games and you will get to watch the best in the world bump up against their limitations.

There’s no room for ego, it will only get you as far as your first ass kicking.  And what do you do then?  Ego won’t pick you up off the floor when you get knocked down.

There are going to be tough days.  We’ve had a string of them recently here on Dunbar Street in Vancouver.  However athletic you think you are there is a CrossFit WOD out there that has your number!

That’s why mental toughness is critical.  Things won’t always go your way.  You won’t be able to RX every WOD.  You won’t be able to win every WOD.  The discipline is to get back up when a WOD knocks you down and just keep going.  Do not quit on yourself.