Those of you who have heard me go off on a real-food diatribe deriding supplements like vitamins and protein powders might be a bit astonished on the about-face suggested by the title of this blog post.  What can I say?  Live and learn.

“I get my protein from real food, thank you very much,” has been my constant refrain until this happened:
An anonymous Empower member (who has been too embarrassed to come reclaim it) left their 2-tonne bag of whey protein powder on the plyoboxes.

“Protein powder,” I scoffed as I reached to pick it up but darn, it was heavy!  As I hefted it to the lost and found I realized the error of my ways.  You see, all these years I’d been ridiculing protein powders I’d been visualizing the tiny tubs of protein, I’d never before handled a bag this size and boy, what a difference!

At this weight, a bag of protein powder could really help you build some serious muscle.  So I got our trusty noon mainstay, Brick, to help demo how you too can use whey protein powder to improve your fitness.  Protein powder thrusters, whey overhead squats, protein powder bag swings, whey bag snatches, protein powder Turkish Get Ups, whey bag throws, protein powder sack carries, the list could go on!  Try doing that with a side of beef.

So, once again, I stand corrected.  Protein powder isn’t necessarily a waste of your fitness dollar.  It turns out that there are many ways that this bag of protein powder can help improve your functional fitness!