What I love about the Open is how inspired we are by each other’s performances.  Read through these reflections of highlights and breakthroughs and see if your performance this year turned out to be the highlight of someone else’s Open experience.

Sandman’s SandBaggers

What I like most about the Open/team series is that there’s so many people around cheering everybody on and making it a very lively event.

Great coaching by Doc Disc on week one while judging.
Realizing the scaled Open is possible.
Cheering on my teammates and meeting new people from other time zones.

Seeing women I work out with daily get PRs.
It is such a great community.
Getting to know athletes from other time slots.

Watching Fierce do 20.1, 9-months pregnant.  She earned her nickname!

Loved the organization.  Everyone moving and no injuries!

Athletic Dragons Victory Quest

Being able to RX almost all the Open WODs.
A high point is the family-friendly atmosphere every Saturday. It was great seeing everyone have a fun time and cheering.

Super Mario
20.4 Making it to the 225lb (C&J)

Watching families working out together.

High points: The fun & comradery every Saturday.
Biggest breakthrough: Shine with the heavy dumbbells & weights.

Love the team atmosphere, community home feel.  Everyone is so encouraging.

Excited for Dauntless and her new PR on the C&J.

Turning 55 and getting to lift lighter weights.

High Point: Going through the judge’s course even though I was unable to pass.
Biggest Breakthrough: Being able to make it once then trying to get into the photo before work.

The best part was beating WOD Father for the second time!
Biggest Breakthrough: Almost getting 85lbs and consistently hitting 65lbs.

Doc Disk
I thought that seeing the new people (such as Pepper & Iron Man) really embrace the gym was inspirational.

My highlight was seeing Smash push himself to complete as many HSPU’s as he did in 2018.

Iron Dam
High Point: Being able to participate with such a diverse group of people.

Iron Man
Our biggest breakthrough is competing in our first Open as a family.
My personal breakthrough was overcoming my fears and competing RX in one of the events.

I won one of my heats and I was very excited.

High Point for me was opening up the Saturday workouts to athletes who weren’t registered for the Open.
Biggest Breakthrough: Happy to see Dauntless hit PR on the C&J in 20.4.  Personally, I was happy with my DUs in 20.2.