5 Pepper
5 Pepper Alert!!!

CrossFit Benchmark WOD Chelsea is here again.

But didn’t she just visit Dunbar Street a couple weeks ago?  Why would HQ program her again so soon?  She hadn’t shown up for years, I hadn’t done this WOD since my days at CrossFit Vancouver and now twice almost back-to-back!

CrossFit programming is Constantly Varied but not random.  Though not always readily apparent there is a method to the madness.  Sometimes you need a bit of time and perspective before the puzzle falls into place and you are able to make sense of the patterns.

Chelsea is one of the toughest benchmarks around!  Physically grueling, mentally confronting, emotionally raw.  She left me wrecked and hoping it would be a long time before I saw her again.  Surely in three weeks my fitness level has not changed dramatically enough to see any significant improvement on my score.  So why program her again?  Personally I suspect it is a head check.  How tough are you?  With the pain of Chelsea fresh in your memory do you have the grit to go at her again knowing exactly how awful she will make you feel?

Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe HQ programmed her again because she is such a great WOD.  Basic movements: pull ups, push ups, squats.  Yet so very, very tough!  Maybe they’re preparing us up for a Cindy or a return of Murph.  But personally I feel like they are weeding out the mentally weak from the mentally tough.

Can you grind through another Chelsea?