We have a couple winners!  We know the CrossFit Open ended in November last year.  And the Intramural teams were intended to be temporary but 2020 hit us hard and we needed some team spirit to pick us up so we challenged teams to compile videos of their improvised at-home at-home workouts.

Team ADVQ submitted this short clip.

And to nobody’s surprise the Super FunFit Heroes created another extraordinary video compilation once again proving that they earned their title as last year’s champs!

Both teams have earned the prize which is an exclusive, coached, outdoor WOD for just their team members.  If you are member of ADVQ or the Super FunFit Heroes, your Team captain will notify you of the date.  Thanks for helping lift our spirits during this time.  We look forward to programming a special WOD just for you!

Tuesday’s Mission
Warm up
3 rnds
5/5 back lunges
1 min squat hold
5/5 step ups
1 min skipping(su, cross,du)
5/5 hip swings

Box jumps
Review timing

2 rnds
2 min DU
Tabata pistol
2 min box jumps 24/20

Tabata is 4 mins 20 sec work 10 sec rest
Stay on one leg for the 20 secs the alternate legs after 10 sec rest
Score is total reps

Cool down
Calf raises
Dragon/ pigeon pose
Downward dog