Well Vancouver weather is like CrossFit, constantly varied. I hope everyone enjoyed a little snow day! Did you get a chance to play in the snow with family or friends? Its so important at all ages to not to forget to play. When was the last time you threw a snowball or built a snowman, went sledding? Often the snow can be really inconvenient if you have to get to work, or have appts., but I think it’s Mother Nature just telling us to slow down a little and enjoy the peace and quiet from our usual busy days. I took the time to shovel some snow off sidewalks and the driveway with my dad. He was surprised how much snow had fallen and we walked down memory lane talking about how as kids we used to slide down the big juniper bush when it was covered in snow. He talked about all the really bad cars he drove around in and it didn’t matter if you slipped around because there weren’t many cars on the street like there is now. He remembers a winter when they got 4 feet of snow, I know I’ve seen pictures, but can you imagine!  My garden is a little confused now but well insulated by the snow from colder temps which is great, not sure what is going to survive but it sure looked beautiful. Hopefully this is the last of the big snow fall and it focuses itself on the mountains going forward!

Family Fit

Family Fit registration is live! This fun program is designed for families to train together. Any combination of children and parents can participate. Whether it’s a mom and son, father daughter, mom, son and daughter etc. The class will be a combination of movements that include strength and conditioning, core work and most importantly a whole lot of fun. Families can work together to complete workouts or sometimes they might compete against each other!

For more information  and registration follow this link:  FAMILY FIT!

This Thursday courtesy of the dump of snow we will be modifying the run and you will have a choice of row, bike or ski erg. You’ll want to think about breaking the 60 kbs and walking lunges into small sets like 15 or 20 reps.


For time:
800-meter run
60 kettlebell swings
400-meter run
60 kettlebell walking lunges
800-meter run

♀ 35 lb
♂ 53 lb

See you at the gym!