Our thoughts become our actions.  We put our best efforts forward when we are our own cheerleaders!  Where we focus is where we go. Wednesday’s workout challenge is to pay attention to your self talk throughout the class.  Ten minutes into the workout are you telling yourself “Hey, great job, only ten more minutes to go?”  or is it more along the lines of “I have ten more minutes of this thing to get through.”  When the workout is over are you celebrating what went well or focusing elsewhere?  Is it “I did it!” or “I was so slow…” “Strong” starts in the mind.  Let’s put our thoughts to what went well Wednesday (W4), banish anything else and see what it brings us!


20 minute AMRAP

400 m run

15 L-Pull-Ups

15 Hip Extensions 


2 rounds:

1 min Full Body Rock 2 Stand

1 min Hamstring Roll-Outs

1 min Push-ups

1 min Get-ups

Then:  1 x 200 m Jog, exaggerated walk or 10 Burpees

WOD Prep/Tech (in gym): 

Let’s set ourselves up in a way which keeps us moving and able to complete 3-4 rounds+.  No bottlenecks. Aim to clear L-Pull station in about 3 minutes. Reduce reps and modify movement at outset to accomplish (see modification options below).   Stick with your plan throughout.

WOD Modifications:

Run: Equal distance bike, row,erg or  2 minutes burpees, jumping jacks or skipping

L-Pull-Ups:  Raise legs as high as you can, it may resemble more of a J or W or complete strict c2b or chin-over bar pull-ups, a harder banded pull-up or challenging ring row.

No bar or ring option =   dumbbell renegade row or dumbbell row from plank position.

No equipment option = plank up downs.

Hip extension substitution =  Russian Kettlebell Swing, DB Swing or Odd object Swig (i.e. backpack) No equipment option = Supermans

Cool Down:

3 Rounds

1 min Gait Bugs

1 min Center Plank

1 min  Restoration Breathing*

*Lie on your back.  Place you hands on your belly.  Close your mouth and place tongue on roof of mouth.  If you are unsure where that is, swallow and see where the tongue goes. This is the place of rest for your tongue that you want.  Keep your lips closed but relaxed.  Start to breathe in and out through your nose.  Then take in a big breath starting from the bottom of your belly. Feel belly expand on your hands, think big puffy stomach.  You want to fill your lungs from the bottom to the top (belly first then chest), then slowly exhale to deflate stomach. Per Original Strength teachings the purpose of breathing like this is to help the body feel safe and breathing this way sends an “I am strong. I am safe” message to your nervous system.   A life spent breathing properly is a life full of lasting vitality.  A life spent in emergency breathing, that is, breathing shallowly from the chest only, can indicate stress, anxiety, inflammation and wear and tear.   CrossFit workouts can be hard on the body and mind.  Knowing that, let’s move to incorporate more breathing into our cooldowns to help restore our nervous system to a place of calm.   As we stretch our muscles after a workout let’s also go within and tend to our minds. Repeat to yourself on the exhale.  “I am strong. I am safe”.   Flush the cortisol out and move better as a result.