June 8 2015

Rose at 4am 15 minutes ahead of my alarm.  Happy to get a head start on a very packed day.  Looks like no break between 5:30am and 2pm!  And then a solid evening from 5pm to 9pm.  Ouch.

If you’ve been following my training you know I have been trying to squeeze in some extra training Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays in pursuit of some performance goals.  But today I don’t even have time for my CrossFit WOD never mind supplementary training:(

Breakfast & then out the door.  Tried to get some work done before the early class but only accomplished a little.

CrossFit Group Classes had box jumps & HSPU on the menu.  A lot more people trying HSPU on the wall these days.  Good on you!  Bruiser & Sandman went RX’d!

Between my new fundamentals class and the 9:15am group class I borrowed Big Boss’ truck rushing to drive Kaelin to school since Sunghee on set and left him home alone while we both work.  Too late.  Could not get there in time so instead I drove past a couple times and saw that he made it safely.  He did not see me.

Back to work.

My late morning fundamentals client cancelled meaning I had a narrow window to get through HeroWOD Hall before the noon class.  Lucky I packed gym clothes!

5 Rounds
3 Cleans @225#
200m Run
10/10 KB Swings @1.5Pood
2 minute rest

It’s a big clean.  Legs not fully recovered from pistols so did power cleans.  Was happy I did not miss a single lift.
Didn’t have my Vibrams with me so ran barefoot.  Luckily no broken glass on our running route today.  The WOD looked like it would be about strength but it was about heart rate.  Especially the snatches at the end!
The 2 minute rests went by too quickly.

I like this kind of WOD.  My first round was fastest at 3:10, my 3rd round was slowest at 4:02 thanks in part to a door malfunction.  My first 2 were fastest but my last 2 were close.  Overall I finished at 26:18 or a total work time of 16:18.  I thought 5 minutes per round a good score so I wasn’t far off.  Happy with that!

After noon class another no-show.  Got my blog up while I waited.  Walked home earlier than expected.  Just enough time to stop home before going to fetch Kaelin from school.  Oppressively hot Vancouver day so I stayed off Dunbar and main routes taking shadier back routes.

On our way home Yeti texted wanting to use his express pass.  I wolfed down some dinner then Yeti picked us up and we went to box with one of his girls.  Finding myself with a few spare minutes I helped set up obstacle courses for the kids.

Then coaching time.  During Open Gym I did a very abbreviated version of my eccentric holds or what I like to call barbell yoga.  Then 2 more hours of coaching.  starving, exhausted.  Thankfully Big Cat drove Fast Trak & I home.

Ate and to bed.  My feet in agony.  From standing all day?  Too much walking?  Running barefoot?  No, I suspect my new Vivo shoes.  Wore a hole in the comfy old pair and this new pair seems narrower, stiffer & less comfortable.  Maybe they require a wearing in process though I don’t remember doing that with my previous pairs.

Salmon & veggies, berries & coconut milk
Breakfast #2
as above
Dinner #1
Chicken burger & coleslaw, berries & coconut milk
Sausages & coleslaw, berries & coconut milk