Happy Canada Day Readers.  Today’s Empower Experience is brought to you by Electric, a  faithful gym member since 2017 and working Dad whose four kids range in age from toddler to teen.  Read on to learn about how he achieved a life goal by joining CrossFit Empower.

What brought you to CrossFit? 

I was trying to work through some life issues that get thrown our way and the counsellor I was speaking to suggested I make a list of everything I think would make for a good life.  I had always worked out in a sporadic way.  I went to the gym here and there.  Maybe once a week if that.  So, one of the things on my list was to get into shape.  The old CrossFit Empower gym was located only about 5 blocks from my house.

I had watched a number of CrossFit videos and it looked like something I should try out.  The concept of HIIT training made sense to me as a good way to get fit and CrossFit looked like it could deliver that.   Also, I knew that the cost of it would keep me honest.  It is way too easy to not go (to the gym) when you are only paying $30 a month, as to me, that is an indication of how important it is to you.

What was your first impression and how has it changed? 

My first impression was walking in the door and being greeted by a big buff dude with no shirt on who told me he was the owner but that he could not speak as he was in the middle of a workout.  He told me to check out his website and then kicked me out after about 20 seconds.  I thought, “Well this dude is committed!”  How has it changed?  The gym has grown and there are more people to train and be friends with and the new space is a much better place to workout in.  Corey (the owner) will still, rightfully so, kick you out if he needs to do a session.

What was your first bright spot (win/positive experience)? 

My first RX workout using weights – it took over two years to achieve that!  My first 10 consecutive double unders and my first muscle-up.  There are too many to list really.  Beating Hard Rock on a single workout (LOL has not happened, yet …)

What are you working on now?  

Handstand push ups (it’s been 5 years) and trying to keep up with (Empower members) Brick, AV, Hard Rock, Livewire and D-Knee.

What is your favourite Empower memory so far? 

My first MU was pretty sweet for sure but the recent Empower Sultan’s Revenge competition with AV, Mr. Fantastic was fun as hell.  Cracking 300 on a Deadlift.  I could go on and on.

Thanks for sharing your story Electric.  I, (Shades), can relate to the impetus that brought you through the gym doors.  Many years ago, I too found myself in a counsellor’s office talking about how my life and what could be better.  It occurred to me, as I sat explaining the “facts,”  that what I needed to do was stop talking and take productive action. I hired a trainer and got into a gym.  For me it was the right decision. When I felt better physically my resilience to challenges that life inevitably threw me increased.  Our physical and mental health go hand in hand.  We can’t separate the two.

Way to get after your goals Electric!  It has been great to see the results your ability to play the long game has had.  As you show us all, there are no quick fixes and consistency is key to amazing results.  Keep at it and see you in the gym!