Power Lifters don’t do cardio.  Marathon runners don’t train strength.  These are sports specialists.

CrossFit specializes in not specializing.  The CrossFit goal is to produce balanced fitness.  A CrossFitter should be capable of running the Vancouver Sun Run or helping a Dunbar Street neighbour lift a heavy laminater into a shipping crate (true story).

None of us like weakness work, it is so much easier and more enjoyable to do the things we naturally excel at.  But that will not make us fitter, better balanced athletes.

If I have great shoulder strength but struggle with cardio during WODs should I attend Tuesday’s 3 rep max Push Press or Monday’s 5K Row?  which one will make me a better athlete?  Which one will move my fitness forward?  You are a product of the choices that you make.  If I make a habit of avoiding those 5K rows my cardio will continue to slip and I will begin to wonder why everyone is passing me by in the WODs.

That is the mentally challenging part of CrossFit, the discipline required to do the stuff you least want to do.  If you ca learn to embrace it you will begin to see stellar results!