“New year Better me.” – Unknown

Thought of the day

Welcome to 2024! For many of you, over the holiday season, you continued to keep your good habits alive. For many other people, now is the time of year to get back on track. Wherever you stand in that mix lets commit to you move toward one percent better each day. This year will be your year because you will commit to staying on track even when obstacles get in your way. Who will you commit to being as these obstacles get in your way?

What are you working towards this year? Is there something big you want to accomplish? We are here to support you. If you need some extra support reach out to your coach. Being a better you is not going to be easy. But put the habits in place now and continue to grow. Also try to foresee any set backs or challenges that can get in the way of you reaching your target.  Make the decision now how you will be as things come up. While we are excited and are creating momentum is the time to plan and create strategies. Not while you are stressed out and in the face of the challenge.

We are excited to support you through another year. And looking forward to seeing what a better you looks like.

Deadlift and Wall Walks

Tuesday’s Workout will be deadlift’s and wall walks. Because it is only and eight minute workouts in busy classes we can run heats and make sure everyone that wants it gets wall space. For the second heat you will get time to build up your deadlift again. These weights can be pretty heavy. We are excited to have you in for your first workout of 2024 and are excited to see you staying on track towards higher heights.


Warm up

2 rnds

Inch worm walk hands to feet

Suit case carry

Side plank (L/R)

Suit case Deadlift


3 rnds

6 RDLs

5 Bent over rows


Wall Walks



8minute amrap

2 wall walks

2 Deadlifts 205/315#

Cool down

  • Leon