July 5 2015
Slept until 6am, finally an 8-hour sleep!  (-2)

But what happened to the world while I slept?  The sky was hazy and the world looked like it had been put through a filter to make it look like an old fashioned photograph.

Had some breakfast
Steak, berries & coconut milk, cranberry juice (+2)
Got some work done.  My day off CrossFit but Kaelin had so much fun yesterday with Dr. T’s boys he wanted to go back there again today so Sunghee, Kaelin & I walked up Dunbar Street (-2) in a Vancouver turned alien by the fires raging across the province.

The Touch worked with the 3 boys while I oversaw the Open Gym time.  Shades did 100 unassisted pull ups!  Amazing!

Dr. T & I checked our progress on things like ring push ups, pull ups, HSPU, ring dips.  Supposed to be a rest day but it was fun to goof around a bit.

Then we all walked home (-2).  Kaelin said The Touch is a very good coach.  I know this but always good to hear it.

We stopped by IGA for groceries on the way home.  I was exhausted.

Food first while we watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Chicken & spicy radish, berries & coconut milk, lentil chips (+3), celery & carrots, Hummus (+2)
IMG_20150705_110427 IMG_20150705_110907

Then I finished my work.  I wanted nothing more but to rest but Sunghee wanted to get out so we spent an hour wandering the trails in Pacific Spirit Park (-4).  Returned home more tired – and hungry.

Steak, Caesar salad (dressing +3), berries & coconut milk

We watched The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared on Netflix.  Funny.  Suffered a couple nose bleeds.  Smoke related?

Wanted to rest.  But also wanted to eat.  No food available so I had to cook a bit.

Salmon, Chicken burger & salsa, berries & coconut milk


It was still early but I was beat.  No reading, no web browsing, I turned in and was quickly asleep.  A noisy night however so I was awakened several times but slept again quickly each time so I recall little.

Daily Totals:
Sleep -2
Sun -4
Walking – 4
Food +10

Balance 0