A few days ago I started taking a 2 oz shot of a concoction of ginger, lemon and honey.  It is providing me with a quick dose of energy, works to take the edge off of hunger, soothes a nagging cough and is generally making me feel better.  Coming home hungry from the gym last night I downed a quick shot before rustling up dinner and was calmer for it.  Read about my experience and consider brewing up your own batch.  A shot a day may just keep inflammation at bay!   Caveat.  I am not espousing medical advice, just sharing my experience with this homemade elixir.

I came upon this recipe by chance last week when I ran into a grocery store on Vancouver Island looking for something to tame a cough. I spotted a lemon and honey wellness shot in the produce section and bought a couple.  It was a spicy ginger, lemon and honey mix which felt great on my throat and tamed the hack.  But I had only bought two and they were gone in a flash.  Once home I decided to make my own brew to have it at the ready.  Pre-made Wellness shots at a market range from $5-8.00 a pop and some pack a lot of sugar.  The only ingredients in the shot I bought were lemon, honey and ginger. Surely, I could make my own!

Below is my simple base recipe.  On my next batch I’ll experiment adding hydration tabs or other vitamins, minerals and herbs.  A shot of this base is a quick way to get a small amount of extra nutrients into my system that I might not otherwise consume or when I don’t have the stamina for a full glass of a lemon water mix in the morning.   The three elixir ingredients  are all antioxidants.  Ginger is the number one anti-inflammatory ingredient of the bunch and also helps settle a sensitive stomach. If you suffer bloating ginger, is your friend. The lemon is a good source of vitamin C and the honey enhances the taste and soothes the throat.  It  is also a quick energy source.  I like a shot before a WOD.

Bottoms up!

A Simple Shot of Wellness


  • 60 grams of ginger, peeled and cut into a couple of hunks.
  • One lemon quartered.
  • 3 tablespoons best quality honey you can find.
  • 4 cups water.

Place all ingredients in a pot and boil for about an hour.  The ginger and lemon will soften..  Remove from heat.  Put the mix in a high power blender and turn on high.  The mixture will become a smooth drink.   Cool.  Store in fridge.  Take a shot as needed.  No shot glass? Drink one quarter cup (2 oz.). Shelf life of one week.

2 oz serving: 16 cals. 0 g fat, 0 g protein, 4 grams carbs, 3 grams sugar

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