Last Friday, HeeHee, The Touch and I headed to UBC campus to be the muscle in the back of the room in case Still Water’s doctoral defense ran into heavy opposition.

Of course she did not need us.  Her adviser and the chair person both told us her defense was uncommonly strong.  But even three non-PhD’s like us could have told you as much.

Still Waters was composed, confident and articulate in her presentation and in fielding the questions thrown her way.  Everyone in the room was impressed with the dauntingly complex data set she had to wrangle with in her research and called it a “very ambitious” undertaking.  Equally impressive was her ability to communicate her subject matter to make it not only clear but even interesting for the Luddites looming in the back of the room (that was us).

And that’s probably because she expressed a sincere passion for her subject matter.

“She was every bit an equal to the examiners in that room,” her adviser told us afterwards.

“Equal?”  I asked, “Let’s be honest, she is actually better.”

He couldn’t disagree.  If you thought Still Waters impressive in the gym, you should see her when she is holding court with the academics!

We couldn’t be prouder.  CrossFit Empower has more that it’s share of doctors, MD’s and PhD’s both, but our little girl started right here with us in 2013 and we’ve had the privilege of watching her grow into her own:)

Congratulations Still Waters!