June 26 2015

I call it the beginning of a long work week.

To be more accurate, it is a short work week comprised of 4 long days.

Woke sleepily to 4:15am alarm and hobbled up Dunbar to work on my troubled ankle.

Between coaching and all the new programs I’m working to put together, my day was very full.  Another Vancouver scorcher.

Special came in for a farewell WOD as I did my CrossFit WOD.

Power Clean 3 rep max.

Had a bad landing on my wounded ankle that really hurt but otherwise the lifting went well.  I found speed was key.

Saying goodbye is never easy but am very proud of the progress Special has made as an athlete and a person.  A beautiful transformation.  She worked so hard and overcame so much to achieve this and I have every confidence that she has the tools and tenacity to continue her success in her new adventures.  We will miss her!

In coaching there are many heartbreaks and disappointments but it is successes like Special that inspire me to carry on.

I had hoped to do another WOD later with The Touch but found myself surprisingly wiped out by the power cleans.  When Thunder came in for the noon class she found me passed out on the floor.  I was so exhausted.

Kaelin came by hoping to hang out but I had to work through the afternoon prepping for tonight’s talk and putting together program materials.  He was so disappointed.  And me too.  Between my work schedule and his cadets we won’t see each other again until Tuesday:(

This week I have missed all my supplemental training.  I’ve been busy and tired.  And now injured too.

Next week I will have a 3-day break and hopefully that will help me recover some of my  characteristic energy.

Great turn out for the 21-Day Real Food Challenge Intro talk.  Am excited to present the follow-up nutrition discussions!  also great to see long lost Mint!

Drove home with Sunghee & Kaelin and went to bed.  Hard to sleep in heat.