It is day 5 of our 2016 Nutrition Challenge and all is going well.  Nothing much has changed for me.  I long ago converted to a clean eating strategy out of necessity and it has been wonderful for my health, my performance in the gym and for my vanity.

Along for the challenge we have Doc Disc, Dauntless, PomPom, Super Mario, Codex, HeeHee, Blossom & Beastor.  It is a great start!  We’re in for a 3-month transformation.
Exercise is critical for your health and well-being.  It is essential for maintaining lean body mass, bone density, blood sugar control, mood management and so many more positive health benefits.  But nothing is more important than nutrition.  When athletes who train consistently come to me complaining that they are not seeing the body composition changes that they hoped for, the first thing I want to address is their eating habits.

Not surprisingly, it is the last place they want to look.  When I suggest they keep a one week food journal most of them drop the subject and don’t bring it up again.  I know why, and you know why.  Because an honest journal will include a whole lot of junk that clearly explains their failure to see positive body changes.  “What you eat in private, you wear in public.”

If you aren’t eating well, it is tough to hide it.

I’m not into calorie counting but if you have ever used a CrossFit C2 Rower you have some idea how much work is required to burn a calorie.  A 1000m row will net you about 45 calories.  That’s about the same as a single beer.  A cheeseburger will set you back 300 calories.  A chocolate bar will set you back 480 calories.  So a 10K row would almost balance out that one chocolate bar.

Almost, but not quite.

Exercise is great but you cannot out train bad eating habits.  Those little indulgences here and there cost you in a big way!
CrossFit Empower Dunbar Vancouver 1
Our Nutrition Challenge will open to new participants February 15th, come join us in making real progress with your health and fitness!