CrossFit Empower’s 11th Annual 12-Days of X-Mas event takes place 10-11am this Saturday December 19th via Zoom with a very short award ceremony to follow.

This year we invite members and non-members alike to join us in this fundraiser for Lightning, Thunder and their family!  Participation is by donation.  You can make your donation here.

No equipment is required and no CrossFit experience.  All you need is a backpack, a single dumbbell or a single kettlebell and a few square feet of space to get this one done.  Do it solo or do it with a partner with synchronized movements.

Coach Leon is posting the movements one per day, advent calendar-style on our Instagram, Youtube and Facebook pages so you will have a preview of the entire workout.

Coach Corey will be on Zoom 10am Saturday to coach you through the event and help you if you get lost and explain how to modify the movements to your fitness level if, for example, you do not know how to do an inverted burpee or a handstand push up.  Don’t worry, a regular burpee and regular push up will do!


The workout is 12 rounds long starting with just one movement in round1: 1 Inverted burpee.
Round 2 gets longer starting with 2 Turkish Get Ups and finishing with 1 inverted burpee.
Round 3 begins with 3 Handstand Push Ups, 2 Turkish Get Ups and 1 inverted burpee
And so on until in round number 12 you will do all the exercises in reverse order starting with 12 and working your way all the way down to one final inverted burpee.


Get it?  Every round starts with a larger number and works back down to the first movement, just like the song The 12 Days of Christmas.  Still not sure, check out this complete workout demo by The Touch & Still Waters circa 2016.  This demo video took ages to create but is still my favourite ever demo video.  It still makes me smile every time I see it.  #worthit!


We are looking forward to some guests from the paddling community as well as to the return of some old Empower alumni joining us (via Zoom) from afar.


Deck your halls and get decked out yourself and come help us teach 2020 the same lesson those Who’s down in Whoville taught the Grinch so long ago: You can’t stop Christmas from coming!


It will come without classes, it will come without crowds, it will come without high-fives, presents and hugs.  It won’t be a Christmas like ones had before but that’s exactly the reason this one will mean more!

2020 Take Back Christmas!


Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 847 8815 5096

Passcode: 191325

Monday WOD
It’s short, doesn’t require much equipment or space and it is a good one!  Do it on your own in open gym or join me on Zoom Monday to be coached through 12 excruciating minutes.

1 band
PVC pipe or broomstick
1 barbell or back pack or 1 or 2  kettlebells or dumbbells

Warm Up
3 rounds
1 min Shoulder Pass Throughs
1 min Air Squats
1 min Banded RDL or RDL
1 min Goblet Squats
1 min Russian KB Swing or RDL

Shoulder Press
Front Squat

12 min AMRAP
4 Shoulder Press
12 Front Squat

Cool Down
Shoulder Pass Throughs
Downward Dog-Dragon Pose-Pigeon Pose
Quad Stretch