Not sure where I first heard this aphorism but it has been a very critical mindset piece in my progress as an athlete and a coach.

Because things won’t always go your way.

Over the years I’ve also come to believe that, while winning is fun, there is less to learn when you are winning.  If it’s all going your way, the only thought is to keep doing whatever you are doing.  There’s little opportunity for growth.

Losing on the other hand, provides an opportunity to reflect on where you need to get better.  And the pain of losing is a great motivator.

I love winning as much as anyone (maybe more than most) but I also love the process of progressing so I don’t cherry pick my challenges, I like to test myself by setting challenges that I may fail.  In fact, I’ve written in a previous blog that success is the product of failing at successively higher levels.

With this mindset, fear of failure is over shadowed by hunger for challenge.  If you succeed, you celebrate your triumph.  If you fail, you celebrate the new learning that will serve to make you better next time.

With this mindset, life stops being scary, becoming instead an exciting adventure filled with daily opportunities to learn, progress and celebrate victories!