Fitness to me is the foundation of self-expression.  Healthy, strong, energetic.  It is hard to be fully self expressed when you are struggling with illness, injury, pain, tiredness, weakness.  When you feel disconnected – or worse – at war with your body, you are unable to take life on fully.  Afraid even.

I know what it is to live life from that dark place of dis-ability.  To be afraid of injury.  To suffer from constant pain.  To be unable to participate in life because of weakness and debilitating pain.

Thanks in large part to CrossFit, that time feels a lifetime ago.  18 years actually.  Can you believe that at the young age of 30 I had given up on living an active life and retreated into my dark cave of suffering.  If you had told me I would go on to open one of BC’s most successful Judo dojos, compete at the World Judo Master’s Championships, open a CrossFit gym and compete in CrossFit at the age of 48 I would not have believed it possible.

Rediscovering your health is liberating.  It is like learning to fly.  It is Empowering!  It is easy to smile, to be kind, to help a neighbour, love your family when you are at peace with yourself.  When your mind and body work together.  When you are not living in constant pain or the fear of pain.

But getting past that fear and learning to let your body heal itself is not easy.  I’ve been there and I know.  I had a guide to get me through.  And like an apostle I’ve made it my calling to serve as a guide for others.  You may not be ready yet, but when you are, you will find a guide to lift you up and bring light back into your life so you can live as the fully-realized person you were designed to be.

Fitness is empowering.  Fitness is fulfilling.  Fitness is the foundation for self actualization.  Fitness is the gift of living your best life.

Saturday Make Up Day:
Choose from:

1) 10 min AMRAP
25 Squats
50ft HSW

2) 5 Rounds
400m Run
15 C&J
3 min Rest

3) 20 min AMRAP
12 Floor Press
12 Strict Pull Ups

4) Original Strength Reset #7
1 min Belly Breathing W/ Knees Bent And Feet Flat On Floor
30 sec Head Nods Lying On Back
30 sec Head Rotations Lying On Back

1 min Upper-Body Rolls
1 min Lower-Body Rolls

5 mins
20x Dead Bugs W/ Head Elevated
10x Straight Leg Windshield Wipers

5 mins
10x Elevated Rocks
20x Cross Crawls

6 rounds
1 min Forward/Backward Crawl On Hands And Knees
30 sec Forward/Backward Leopard Crawls