On Thursday you get the opportunity to take on everyone’s favourite movement, other than burpees, running. Before you stop reading, running is not going anywhere and tomorrow will be a great opportunity to work on longer distance runs. Don’t be scared off by the posted distance we will modify the distance as need and make sure you get a good cardio day in.

If you are unable to run you will get a rowing machine, ski erg, or bike. We have many ways to modify tomorrow to help you get the most out of your workout. If you are waiting outside before class try a little pre warm up.  Getting a good warm up will help get you focused and dialed in for your workout out. We look forward to see you all tomorrow for a cardio day.

Thought of the day

It may not be the workout you want but could be the workout you need. I was very lucky with this one to find time in my schedule to do it. It was packet between coaching and meetings. Sunday was a beautiful day for a run and a great opportunity to get out of the gym. My game plan was slow and steady and I was able to hold onto a consistent pace.  It definitely was not my fastest ten kilometer but the beach route is fantastic and I was able to complete it while keeping my Oblique happy.

What will be a win for you on tomorrow’s run? Will you complete your first five kilometer, or ten kilometer?  Get a personal best?  Find a pace that makes running more enjoyable for you or will it be enjoying the beauty of Vancouver while you are on the road?  Only time will tell





Warm up

Dynamic warm up


Running  Routes

Modifications options


10km run

(We may modify to a bike, ski, row or shorter distance)

Cool Down

Hip swings

Calf Drops

Post Squat

Runners stretch

Couch Stretch

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