CrossFit Open WOD 20.4 is a chipper as expected but has none of the movements we expected to see.  At 20 minutes, it is also much longer than predicted.  Even though the time cap is the same as 20.2, it is a very different workout.

This workout is not about speed but strength-endurance.  Your limiting factor WILL NOT be cardio.  Instead you will be limited by your ability to move a heavy barbell or perform a pistol.

I like the way CompTrain breaks athletes into 3 groups.  At Empower, we fall into the second or third group.  Group two refers to those of us capable of clean & jerking the weights in rounds three and four and RXing the pistols.  For this group speed is NOT of the essence.  You want to be fresh when you get to the heavy weights because one or two successful lifts will serve as a great separator.  20 minutes is a long time.  DO NOT RUSH!

Group three refers to those of us who either do not have pistols or who will struggle with the clean & jerk weights presented in rounds two and three.  For you, speed is of the essence!  You want to get the best tie break time possible.

As always WOD Prep offers great advice for approaching this workout.  We only differ on two points:

1) We will not have the option of dropping the barbell except to boxes so when the bar is lighter, a bit of cycling will be better.  No big sets that will tire you out though.

2) Step up, step down is your best box option.  I tested step up, jump down and found it took the same amount of time but the impact bothered my knees much more.

This will be a fun one to watch.  We have what promises to be a very closely contested challenge between two of our alpha athletes in Silk vs Motor.  Both have excellent pistols and equally strong clean and jerks.  Motor has a powerful engine and Silk is masterfully efficient in her movements.  Who do you think will win?

Before pistols were announced Wario-Father also called out Sucky Mario.  Carbon-copy athletes, they both figure to score well when heavy barbells show up but Sucky Mario has superior pistols.  Will Sucky Mario Sprite-up and hand Wario-Father his second loss of the 2020 season?

There will be a lot of space management issues for this WOD.  Please arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled heat.  Judges and athletes, please study the workout standards and arrive prepared.  Spectators please keep yourself, your pets and your children clear of the competition area.  Remember, everyone is a safety observer, please help organize plates and bars so that they aren’t lying around where folks can trip on them.  Plate changers, please stay clear of moving barbells in the competition area adjacent to you.  And athletes, please respect your current capacity, do not attempt lifts that far exceed your current skill/strength level!

And, as always, come to have fun!