We are thrilled to be back in the gym training this week, it has been so uplifting to see you all in person again.  But as excited as we are, we do recognize that a gym presents an ideal environment for the transmission of viruses and bacteria.  With that in mind, here are a few of the precautionary measures we have put in place to try to make your return to training as safe as possible:

1. As covered in our orientation video we have a hand sanitizer placed beside the door for use upon entry and exit of the gym.
2. We have reduced class sizes to 6 attendees at a time ensuring that you get your own training space with a good 2+ metres separation from your classmates.
3. Each training area is equipped with its own spray bottle of hypochlorous acid (toxic to viruses and bacteria but not to you) for cleaning your station and equipment before and after class
4.  Because the virus can hang suspended in droplets in the air for up to an hour, we have a minimum 1-hour separation between scheduled in-gym classes.
5.  And during the break between classes our coaches disinfect the gym with hypochlorous acid sprayed from our awesome Ryobi mister-fogger while humming “Who you gonna call?” under our breath.
6. Thanks to Super Mario our Zoom WODs are now integrated with the regular group classes so those of you more comfortable training from the safety of your home can WOD along with coach and class.  We’ve even added some outdoor WODs in the park.
7.  And speaking of fresh air, we’re blessed with big, wide double doors and a south facing window walls that is open from nearly floor to ceiling.  We keep all these wide open during and between classes to maximize the circulation of fresh clean air.

Of course none of these measures is enough to guarantee the prevention of viral contamination but if we all diligently do our part I really like our chances!  If you’re uncertain, please keep Zooming along with us but if you’re ready to return, then we’re ready for you!  Welcome back.
Choosing Arnie
Saturday I have chosen Hero WOD Arnie for group classes.  Out of 196 Hero WODs, why Arnie?  There’s certainly some logistical reasons.  With limited gym space, this one is an easy WOD to do whole maintaining social distancing as athletes never need to leave their 2×2 metre mat space.  It’s also great because each athlete only needs on kettlebell so we should have no equipment shortage here.  For Zoom WODers joining us from home, the small workout footprint and minimal equipment requirements make it easy to follow along with, all that’s needed is a backpack stuffed with books.

But those are not the only reasons for choosing Arnie.  A running theme of our make-up day workouts over the past month and a half has been developing athletes’ capacity in getting up off the floor.  This is a critical skill, the practice of which has a great deal of benefit for mobility, strength and stability.  There is no greater expression of this skill than the Turkish Get Up.  Speaking of mobility, the kettlebell overhead squat really reveals where an athlete is lacking in mobility and can also reveal left to right imbalances.  Finally, I’ve recently been listening to and reading a lot about Dan John’s 10,000 kettlebell challenge which includes 500 kettlebells swings per day.    I’m not ready go there yet but I do understand the effectiveness of high rep kettlebell swing practice in developing and strengthening proper posterior chain function and good hip recruitment and Arnie offers up 150 reps in meaty 50 rep chunks.  So it was the combination of movements that really sold me on this one.

Warning: be conservative with your weight.  Remember, you’ve been away from eth gym for a while, please ease yourself back in gently.  I’m relatively strong with all three of these movements and I chose the women’s RX’d load and was surprised to find myself really struggling.  Before the shutdown I could easily do 50 unbroken kettlebell swings with the green kettlebell or fly through 21 unbroken Turkish Get Ups but there was no chance of that now.  I needed 3 sets to get through each round of swings and on my left hand side I could only manage 3 get ups at a time.  It was surprising.  I could have gotten a great workout using the yellow kettlebell.  There was no way my body is ready for the red yet.   Remember to be patient; 20 training sessions before you should expect to be back at your previous level of performance!

1 kettlebell or kettlebell substitute
PVC Pipe

Warm Up
1 min Shoulder Pass Throughs
1 min Russian KB Swings
1 min Rolling Get Ups
1 min Russian KB Swings
1 min Goblet Squats
1 min Russian KB Swings
1 min Sott’s Press

KB Swing

Hero WOD Arnie
21 KB TGU right
50 KB Swings
21 KB OHS left
50 KB Swings
21 KB OHS right
50 KB Swings
21 TGU left

RX’d 1.5/2 pood

Cool Down
1 min Dragon Pose right
1 min Pigeon Pose right
1 min Dragon Pose left
1 min Pigeon Pose left
1 min Hip Cross Overs position 1
1 min Hip Cross Overs position 2
1 min Hip Cross Overs position 1
1 min Hip Cross Overs position 2