Another day, another beach WOD.  It was a lovely day to visit Tower Beach.  We saw The Heat there on a picnic date.  We played around with SLIPS.  I got my best crow pose hold ever as the eagles circled overhead.  We did some rock throwing and then found logs of appropriate size and weight for squatting.  Once again, the awkward part was lifting the logs into position.  Because they’re too fat to sit in the rack position, we had to use the more challenging Zercher squat.  So now we’ve done the Steinborn squat, the Viking Press and the Zercher squat not just to be different but because without available barbells, these lifts were the most functional and effective way to get the intended stimulus.  Outside the gym you realize they’re not just weird variations on a standard gym movement but actually have a place in the real world outside the gym where they were originally born.  For me it feels like a return to the birthplace of strength sport as we rediscover the techniques used by the pioneers of old school strength training before the first rack or manufactured commercial barbell had been built.  It’s not Milo’s calf but we’re getting there.

And the SLIPS?  I don’t love them but I am getting stronger.  As seen in the 200m Run & Plank hold WOD recently, completing all 9 rounds of 1 minute plank unbroken was a cake walk after so many months of practicing 4+ minutes of continuous plank hold.  And it should be easy.  We will be setting some new gym standards as we push for every Empower athlete – yes, even you! – to be able to demonstrate a 1 minute unbroken plank hold, a 1 minute unbroken hanging hold, a 1-minute unbroken handstand hold and a 2-minute unbroken squat hold with good form.  You can start practicing now.

In Monday’s On Hold ZWOD, Venom scored his first unbroken 1 minute handstand hold and Mark who’d never done a handstand hold before and almost got tangled in the tree he was kicking up to, also got his first 1-minute handstand hold!  Great work guys!    Doc Disc, D’Knee, Venom, Gymkata, HHH, Smash, Crusher, Point Break were all able to complete all 3 rounds unbroken earning perfect scores of 12.  HHH, Smash, Venom, Gymkata, & Doc Disc had bars, decks or tree branches to hang off so they were technically also RX’d!

Of course, every beach WOD ends with our conditioning finisher as we run back up the Tower Beach steps on rubbery legs, sweating and panting all the way.  In the real world you don’t have to invent exercise, it’s right there waiting for you whether you want it or not.  It’s not training, it’s just what you have to do to navigate the world.

Barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, back pack, log, rock, something to lift, ideally representing 70% of your 1 rep max.

Warm Up: SLIPS
2 mins OS Full Body Rock
2 mins OS Squat Drill

1 min Supine Leg Raise
1 min Seated Single Leg, Hips Elevated right
1 min Seated Single Leg, Hips Elevated right
1 min Seated Leg Raise

2 rounds:
1 min Handstand Hold
1 min Crow Pose

1 min Side Shuffle Plank
1 min Side Plank with twist left
1 min Side Plank with twist left
1 min Plank Tuck Bird Dog

2 rounds:
1 min Scales
1 min Scales eyes closed

Front Squat

Front Squat

Goal Wight is about 70% of your 1 rep max.  If you do not have a heavy enough implement you can substitute a more challenging squat version such as an Overhead Squat or you can make this a conditioning workout by performing max front squat reps in 1 minute.

We will lift every 5 minutes, to make the wait enjoyable, please bring a fun personal story that takes 2-3 minutes to share.

Cool Down
Dragon/Pigeon Pose
Frog Pose
Hip Cross Overs
Quad Stretch