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Overhead Squats and box jumps were on the WOD Wednesday on Dunbar Street. A tough CrossFit couplet. And what a great turn out we had! Among those who completed this WOD RX'd it turned out to be very competitive, a sign of how fit our community is becoming when some of our top performers see their scores taken down. Very exciting!

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How Do You Deal With Chaos?

Chaos is inevitable. It is unavoidable. Life throws curve balls. We are all navigating the chaos. Yet some make it look like smooth sailing while others get derailed at every speed bump. I'm a CrossFit coach so I will speak about training but really we are discussing every aspect of your life. How do you deal with chaos?

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It’s About Community

Saturdays leading up to the 2016 CrossFit Open we host our team training WOD on Dunbar Street. While other Vancouver boxes may reserve team training for their elite competitors we prefer to invite all community members to participate. Young or old, elite or novice, we are all one family and we all inspire and motivate one another regardless of ability.

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Up A Rope

CrossFit HeroWOD Sisson was on Saturday's menu: rope climb, burpees and a run about Dunbar Street. Luckily the Vancouver weather cooperated by remaining dry for our group classes as they came in to get this one done.

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Pyramid Scheme

We are not even a week into February and already our Personal Best board is filling up. Spending a full hour on the overhead squat also allowed for some good progress in everyone's technique. So many members have made such great progress in this lift it is very satisfying to watch!

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Catching Fire

It was so much fun to watch everyone playing and getting fitter in the process. Kids don't need gyms because they know how to play and stay active (or they used to in my day). We are so happy to see our members rediscovering how to play and how much fun it is to move!

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